A Message from Angela McKenzie’s Mother

Nobody expects to lose someone they love in an act so shocking it has people across Canada talking about it.

Angela was our beacon of light, a feisty defender of her family and children, and the most generous person we have ever known. She saw joy and hope where others only found struggle.

In our struggle to accept her death, Canadians, and especially Calgarians, have shown the Shaws and ourselves a grace and generosity that matches that of our beloved daughter, sister, and mother. We see the beautiful soul of our community blossoming from this ugly act, and we get to experience the dignity of the world the way Angela always experienced it.

Thank you all for that gift.

We need time now to process our grief. To keep a sense of normality for ourselves and to allow the children to continue to come to terms with having lost both of their parents within months of each other, we need our privacy. As a result, we have elected our dear friend Sven Stuwe* to be our spokesperson. We ask that all media inquiry, and all offers of support and assistance should go through him.

Thank you for showing us that Angela’s spirit lives in every one of you.

With love and gratitude,

Sylvia McKenzie and family

* Contact Sven Stuwe through Facebook Messenger