What will the future 8 Street S.W. look like? Have your say!

Calgarians are invited to share their experiences and ideas to help shape the future of 8 Street S.W. As a flagship project for Calgary’s Downtown Strategy and Greater Downtown Plan, the project provides a foundation for The City to collaborate with Calgarians to advance the conceptual design for this important corridor on the west side of downtown, connecting 17 Avenue S.W. and the Bow River.

“The City is continuing to invest in the future of our downtown," said Shannon Reid, project manager for the Revitalize 8 Street S.W. project. “We want to collaborate with area residents, businesses owners and visitors to this important downtown area to create fresh ideas and strategies that will ensure 8 Street S.W.’s future as a neighbourhood hub.”

Feedback on how people currently use 8 Street S.W. and the various public spaces along the corridor will help The City to understand what is working well and what improvements could be made. Public feedback along with technical studies will be used to advance and refine the conceptual design for 8 Street S.W., building off the existing 8 Street S.W. Master Plan.

The City is advancing the design concepts established in the 8 Street S.W. Master Plan to meet current and future needs of this vital place and important north-south community connection. Calgary’s Urban Systems Ltd. and Toronto’s DTAH are working with The City to develop these design concepts.

Calgarians can visit to provide feedback on the future of 8 Street S.W., between now and Feb. 28. The City is also hosting a virtual open house for all Calgarians on Feb. 22 from 5:30-7 p.m. Register here.

Investing in 8 Street S.W. is a fundamental piece of The City’s Downtown Strategy and its efforts to create great public spaces that are active and vibrant for all Calgarians and visitors year-round. Planning the future of 8 Street S.W. and the redesign of the Future of Stephen Avenue are cornerstone public space projects that support the revitalization of Calgary’s downtown.

The Downtown Strategy leverages the collective efforts of The City and its public and private sector partners to respond to economic challenges, and capitalize on opportunities that will create jobs, drive economic recovery, and revitalize and transform the downtown. The City’s priority is to be active and proactive to address problems, seek out solutions and embrace opportunities. It involves developing strategies to encourage economic investment and redevelopment of private space, while creating a plan for programming the public space to ensure residents and tourists are drawn to 8 Street S.W. for years to come.