Update on August 2 Municipal Complex incident

The City of Calgary continues to make progress in repairs to the Municipal Building, which sustained significant damage after a break in and small fires that triggered the sprinkler system in the early morning of August 2.

“The building has extensive water damage affecting three levels, including both equipment and the building itself,” said acting City Manager, Carla Male. “While it will be many months before we know the final cost, our team has been working hard to assess the scope of the damage and work with The City’s insurer.”

Based on an initial review, the anticipated cost from this incident will be between $1.3 and $2.2 million. This includes the emergency response required to minimize the damage, stabilization activity, including temporary relocation of services, and restoration of the building and affected furniture and equipment. Of this, an anticipated 80 per cent will be covered by insurance.

Some affected services expected to return to the Municipal Building later this month

 For now, all services that were displaced from the third floor of the building remain in their temporary locations.

 The Fair Entry, Cashiers Services and Tax Advisory Services counters, currently operating from the Central Library, are expected to return to the Municipal Building during the week of August 22. An exact date will be shared once it confirmed.

 The Planning and Development Services counter, which sustained more damage in the incident, will remain in its temporary location at the Whitehorn Multi-Services Centre until further notice.

 Citizens can get full details about the disrupted services, including temporary locations and online service options, on