Calgary, AB,

Undercover operation results in 212 criminal charges

With support from our partners, Calgary police had an undercover presence at many Calgary CTrain stations during a two-week drug trafficking operation that resulted in 27 people facing 212 criminal charges and multiple weapons seized.  

“At the recent townhall meeting held in the community of Marlborough, we heard Calgarians voice their concerns over increased violence and drug use at Calgary CTrain stations. Our expectation is that public spaces remain safe for those that are using them for their intended purpose,” says Acting Inspector Lee Wayne. “With the help of various teams and units within the CPS, and Transit Public Safety, we were able to successfully apprehend these individuals and hold them accountable for not only their crimes, but for putting our communities at risk. Our officers lead with support and compassion, but make no mistake, enforcement is a critical component of the equation to public safety.”

The Drug Undercover Street Team (DUST), the District 4 Community Engagement and Response Team (CERT), and Transit Public Safety officers were deployed across the CTrain stations with the highest levels of crime and disorder. The purpose of the operation was to detect and disrupt drug trafficking in these locations by arresting drug traffickers and imposing conditions of release that may deter the continuation of drug-related crimes in these areas.

Between Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2023, and Friday, Dec. 8, 2023, enforcement occurred at the Marlborough, City Hall, Chinook, Rundle, Eighth Street, Sunalta, Whitehorn, Westbrook, and Heritage stations. In total, there were 40 undercover drug purchases involving 27 alleged drug traffickers who are facing 212 criminal charges.

During the arrests, the following weapons were located:

·         One axe

·         15 knives

·         Five cans of bear spray

·         Three batons

·         Two Airsoft pistols

Recognizing some of the vulnerable persons using the CTrain stations suffer from addiction, the second phase of the operation involved providing outreach to this community. Members of the District 4 Community Resource Team and Transit Public Safety officers partnered with the Alberta Health Services Police and Crisis Team to engage these individuals, and provide access and contact information to organizations that provide shelter, treatment, and employment, and even transporting some to agencies and hospitals for support.

“Our community outreach team consists of transit peace officers and outreach workers from the Alpha House. Once the policing operations focused on illegal drugs was complete, this team coordinated with the CPS to help people who are struggling with addictions and to assist them in connecting with available resources. The community outreach team can do this because they are well-known and trusted in the community. Their constant presence on the transit system has enabled them to establish relationships and develop an insight into the challenges faced by those who would benefit from their assistance,” Deputy Chief, Transit Public Safety, Marcia Gonder.

The investigation is ongoing, and we would like to thank our partners at Transit Public Safety who were instrumental in this operation by assisting with the arrests and Alberta Health Services who provided outreach support.