Calgary, AB,

Three Calgary Police Service officers charged

The Edmonton Crown Prosecutor’s Office has recommended charges be laid against three members of the Calgary Police Service in relation to an incident that arose during an investigation in 2010.

On June 22, 2015, the CPS Professional Standards Section received a formal report of alleged member misconduct dating back to Jan. 20, 2010. The allegations involved an incident where four officers were conducting an investigation into an at-risk youth. The officers, who were part of the Vice Unit, were searching for a youth to apprehend under the Protection of Sexually Exploited Children Act (PSECA). During the investigation, the officers identified a man who they believed had information about the whereabouts of the person, or people, who might be exploiting the youth.

It is alleged that the officers brought a man into an unmarked police vehicle, and drove him around for approximately 20 minutes. During this time, it is alleged an assault took place. The man was returned to his original location.

During the course of the PSS investigation, it was discovered that the man died several months after the incident. His death is not believed to be suspicious, nor connected to this incident. The man never filed a complaint against the officers prior to his death.

The alleged incident was reported by a former member of the CPS who was with the three subject officers at the time of the incident.

The PSS investigation was forwarded to the Edmonton Crown Prosecutor for review and recommendation.

Today, Wednesday, Aug. 30, 2017, the three officers have been charged. Det. Reagan Hossack, an 18-year member of the CPS, has been charged with kidnapping. Sgt. Mark Schwartz, a 16-year member of the Service, and Det. Paul Rubner, a 25-year member, have both been charged with kidnapping and assault.

The officers have been placed on administrative leave for seven days, at which time their status will be reviewed.

“It is clear that the expectations of police officers are very high. To the officers who have been charged today, I want you to know that we will support you as we move through this judiciary process. I recognize the deep impact this will have on you and your loved ones. We must support the system we are bound to uphold.

To the employees of the CPS, I want you to know that our commitment to accountability and transparency is bound first by the law, but also balanced by the understanding of the complex nature of policing, both past and present.

To the public, we remain committed to leading a police service that Calgarians can count on in times of need. Our officers do exceptional work every day and will continue to do so,” says Acting Chief Sat Parhar.