The City releases 2020 Adjustments to the One Calgary Service Plans and Budgets

Today, The City of Calgary released the 2020 Adjustments to the One Calgary Service Plans and Budgets, which will be available on the Council Agenda and Minute page. The proposed adjustments respond to changes in the local economy, as well as shifts in community needs and priorities.

The City is committed to make life better every day for its citizens, communities and businesses, and this includes supporting Calgary’s economic recovery. A foundational pillar of this is fiscal responsibility, which The City has consistently demonstrated, enabling ongoing financial challenges to be managed in a measured and prudent manner.

As directed by Council on July 16, 2019, Administration prepared two reduction scenarios to tax-supported services as part of the 2020 adjustments. One outlines the impacts of a tax increase for 2020 of 1.5% and the other outlines the impacts of an overall tax freeze. These scenarios are potential alternatives to the 3.03% increase for 2020 that had been previously approved as part of the 2019-2022 One Calgary Service Plans and Budgets.

“These scenarios were developed with careful consideration to the guiding principles set by Council. Those principles included a least harm approach to services for citizens and ensuring all our employees are treated with dignity and respect,” said David Duckworth, City Manager.

The previously approved 3.03% tax increase would cost the typical single-family resident taxpayer $5.10 per month. Compared to this, the proposed 1.5% scenario equates to a $26.5 million reduction and tax savings for a typical single-family home of approximately $2.60 per month. The proposed 0% scenario equates to tax supported reductions of $52.5 million and maintains residential taxes at current levels.

“The City is committed to working with Council, citizens and businesses to assist with Calgary’s economic recovery,” said Carla Male, Chief Financial Officer. “The 2020 adjustments build upon The City’s track-record of fiscal responsibility and provide a measured response to the current economic environment and changes to citizen priorities.”

The 2020 Adjustments are the result of the annual process within The City’s four-year service plan and budget cycle that enables Council and Administration to collaboratively work together to respond to changing circumstances. This planned process allowed leadership across the organization to collectively make adjustments that were guided by The City’s strategic priorities and commitment to an approach of least harm to the services that citizens rely on.

Citizens will have an opportunity to provide Council with feedback on the adjustment scenarios once they have been released on November 12, the details of which can be found here.

Council deliberations on the 2020 Adjustments will begin on November 25, 2019 at 9:30 a.m. in Council Chambers. Public submissions will be heard after an opening presentation.

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