The City of Calgary launches YYC Matters website ahead of provincial election

The City of Calgary is asking Calgarians to keep City priorities top of mind as they prepare for a spring provincial election.

The City launches today. This online platform will inform Calgarians about four key priorities: Honouring commitments to Calgarians; supporting Calgarians; promoting economic recovery; and closing Calgary’s infrastructure gap.

“The people we elect this spring will make decisions that will affect Calgary’s economy and our future,” said Mayor Naheed Nenshi. “Having a site that focuses on Calgary’s priorities will raise the quality of dialogue about our future.”

YYC Matters aims to make it easier for Calgarians to stay informed. Over the upcoming weeks, YYC Matters will host questions posed to the parties and the answers received. This gives candidates the opportunity to go on record about how they are going to address Calgary’s priorities and issues.

Calgary has long been the economic engine for Alberta and Canada. For Calgary’s growth to continue, we need support from the Province.

Through this method of asking political parties questions regarding their policy positions in specific areas, Calgary gets the attention of future decision makers and provides a public service to citizens by creating a forum to highlight policies and visions as they pertain to City matters.

During election season, The City will continue to highlight its priorities through weekly updates to Calgarians, including:

  • How new provincial investments in infrastructure can help ease the impact of our challenging economy by creating jobs and keeping communities safe and vibrant.
  • How The City is looking to the Province to support new tools and investments to help create a new and changed economy.
  • How the City is committed to working with the Province to make life more affordable for Calgarians.

Commitment from The Province is key to Calgary’s future. “Calgary voters are going to play a significant role in this election,” said Nenshi. “We need The Province to continue to work with The City as a partner in building Alberta’s future.”

“A strong Calgary means a strong Alberta. I hope Calgarians will hold their provincial politicians accountable on the priorities we’ve identified,” he said. “When a candidate knocks at your door, why not ask: What is your plan for Calgary?”