The City of Calgary is ready for the 2020 snow season

As temperatures lower towards seasonal averages over the next few weeks, The City of Calgary is prepared and has equipment and materials ready to keep citizens safe and moving.

“Coronavirus has changed the way Calgarians move around our city and Roads crews will continue to work around the clock to keep streets safe for all users,” says Roads Maintenance Manager Chris Hewitt. “Our crews have continued working through the pandemic as a front line service.”

Crews have begun transitioning from summer construction operations to our annual Snow and Ice Control (SNIC) program plan as of September 28. Snow clearing is prioritized by traffic volumes, public transit schools and streets adjacent to schools and other public facilities. Following the plan, crews sand, salt and plow roads based on a Council-approved priority system.

While City crews are prepared, the first snowfall of the season always seems to catch people a little off guard. For this reason, The City is reminding drivers to prepare for potentially slower driving conditions. “Give yourself a little bit of extra time, plan for delays, slow down and drive to the conditions,” adds Hewitt.

Drivers are reminded to leave at least 10 metres distance - about three car lengths - between your vehicle and the working sanders, graders and other snow removal equipment. Do not pass working sanders or equipment.

Stay Informed

There are several ways Calgarians can stay informed on winter road conditions, such as visiting, following us on Twitter @yyctransport, viewing our traffic cameras or by contacting 311.

If you live on a designated snow route, it’s recommended you sign up for snow route parking ban notifications via text or e-mail on, or visit to subscribe.

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