The City of Calgary endorses Alberta Transportation safety reforms

Yesterday, Alberta Transportation announced new initiatives to enhance safety on Alberta’s roads. The City of Calgary applauds this decision and commits to support The Province as they engage key stakeholders and implement safety measures to protect citizens.

With more than 5000 drivers providing city services, Sharon Fleming, director of Fleet Services, says that The City’s safe driving program is extensive.

 “Fleet Services provided more than 8000 hours of driver instruction to City employees last year,” adds Fleming, “The new mandatory entry level training that the Province is proposing, will go a long way to enhance new driver skills and knowledge before operating on Calgary’s roadways.”

Existing programs in The City’s vehicle safety system include new hire testing, vehicle inspections, and driver recertification every five years. To further align with these safety reforms, Fleet Services is enhancing its governance policy, as well as, introducing new safety initiatives such as improved telematics and collision and driver data analysis.

The City of Calgary will continue to ensure that City operators meet and exceed all standards implemented by The Province of Alberta.“We are committed to use testing, training and auditing tools to ensure the safety of both staff and citizens on the road. It’s the cornerstone of our safety system. Any additional recommendations that emerge will be incorporated into The City’s operator training programs.”