Statement on Draft Olympic Bid Update Report

Late Friday Administration became aware that an incorrect version of the Olympic Bid Dialogue Stage Update report was shared with Council and ultimately posted on The City of Calgary's website.

The report stated The City of Calgary had received confirmation of financial support from both the Government of Canada and Alberta Government to support a 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Bid Corporation.

Since the last update to Council on January 29, Administration has continued to work closely with officials from both the federal and provincial governments on securing the required $30 million total funding for a proposed Bid Corporation.

While The City has received very positive indications from both the governments of Canada and Alberta, no formal or final funding confirmation has been received.

Conversations are continuing with other orders of government and Administration has been working to ensure we provide Council and the public with the latest information available. The version of the report that was posted online was a version that had been prepared in the hope of receiving formal funding approval ahead of next week's Strategic Meeting of Council. It was mistakenly posted.

There was no intent to mislead the public or City Council. Administration apologizes for this error.

The correct version of the report will be shared with Council and then released to the public once available.