Calgary, AB,

Statement from the Baillie, Fredette, and Hamilton Families

The following statement has been released on behalf of the Baillie, Fredette, and Hamilton Families

“We all are feeling the most profound grief and sadness that stems from the inconceivable and senseless murders of both Sara Baillie and Taliyah Marsman, Sara’s daughter.

At this point in time, we respectfully request that all media outlets respect the families’ privacy and direct all questions through the Calgary Police Service Public Affairs Media Relations Unit.

Accordingly, the families would like to extend their gratitude to the Calgary Police Service (“CPS”), who have devoted countless resources of hours, dedicated men and women and technology. Although our hopes and prayers may not have been answered, we certainly in no way, shape, or form blame the CPS.

In addition, to all those extended family members and friends far and wide and, of social media as well, all your words thoughts and prayers will continue to see us through these darkened times.

The families will be providing, at a later date, timings for the memorial services for Sara and Taliyah.

Thank you.”