Sharing thanks with Calgary Transit: Thank Your Driver Day!

On Friday, March 18, join us in celebrating Thank Your Driver Day to recognize our hard-working bus and CTrain operators.  Our drivers regularly go above and beyond the call of duty to make life better for Calgarians. Transit operators do so much more than drive; they ensure passenger safety, keep to a schedule, give directions, remember stop requests, all while manoeuvring large vehicles through unpredictable traffic, adverse weather conditions and tight spaces. Many do all this and more while being kind. 

Calgary Transit Access (CTA) Operators also provide an important lifeline for their customers, connecting Calgarians with disabilities to the places and people that matter most to them.  Without CTA, many Calgarians would be isolated and unable to make appointments, get their groceries or go to work. 

Thank Your Driver Day is a fantastic opportunity for customers to show their appreciation for the hard work Operators have done as front-line workers over the course of the pandemic.  

Saying thanks is easy – a friendly word, smile or a wave is all it takes. Send us a tweet @CalgaryTransit and use the hashtag #thanksCT. 

“Thank Your Driver Day is a wonderful way to show appreciation for Calgary Transit and Calgary Transit Access operators,” says Calgary Transit Director Sharon Fleming. “Customers who share the ways their driver has helped them to keep moving is meaningful to our Operators who work hard, year-round, delivering service to our customers.  Thank you to all of our Operators for your hard work and dedication.” 

Did you know?  Thank Your Driver Day is March 18 because on that day in 1662, bus service debuted in Paris with horse-drawn carriages. ­The Five-Penny Coaches were called the Carosses à Cinq Sous. 

Calgary Transit employs more than 2,000 bus, CTrain and shuttle drivers. On March 18, be sure to thank at least one of them to show appreciation for the work they do 365 days a year.