Second phase of engagement launches to help shape long-term regional growth

Calgary is one of ten municipalities that, together, represent the Calgary Metro Region Board, or CMRB. The CMRB had selected the internationally-recognized regional planning firm HDR|Calthorpe to develop the Regional Growth Plan and Servicing Plan with member municipalities under the leadership of the Board. Their approach focuses on creating successful places that are diverse, pedestrian-scaled, environmentally sustainable. The plans will support the long-term economic, environmental and social well-being of its member municipalities.

In the summer CMRB gathered input from the public and they heard that residents want less land consumption, more public transit, less water use, higher density communities, and less money spent on infrastructure across the region.

From November 5 – 27, the public has opportunity, through online input, and a virtual open house, to continue to share their opinions to help shape the region’s future.

Large-scale changes to infrastructure or land-use can impact neighbouring municipalities—and thesechanges work better when planning for growth is coordinated in the region. When the needs of thewhole region are addressed, we can better identify opportunities and efficiencies to reduce the costs ofgrowth and realize sustained prosperity.

This second phase of engagement will be diving into input on the proposed approach. How well does the approach fit the values of the Calgary Metro Region? What would different types of development mean for our way of life? And what should be kept in mind as we continue to plan for the #nextmillion?

The CMRB is planning for the next million residents. The growth plan will reflect the changing needs ofpeople, businesses and ecosystems that contribute to our region’s success.

We all live, work and enjoy attractions and benefits across the entire region. Residents of the region can share what’s important to them to help the CMRB create a plan that works for all communities. The public is invited to provide the CMRB with feedback at 

A virtual open house will be taking place on November 17, 2020 from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. A zoom registration link will be available on CMRB’s website.

Established in 2018, the CMRB is a not-for-profit government corporation made up of elected officials from the region’s ten-member municipalities. The City of Calgary is represented by Mayor Nenshi at the Board and Councillors Carra and Chahal at various committees. The public engagement that is underway November 5 to November 27 is being coordinated by the CMRB on behalf of all member municipalities.

The Regional Growth Plan and Servicing Plan will come into effect in 2021.