Rethinking Stephen Avenue: The City calls upon design leaders to submit proposals

CALGARY ­— The City of Calgary is seeking proposals, until April 19, from design and landscape architecture firms to reimagine Calgary’s most famous pedestrian hub, Stephen Avenue. This beloved corridor has been serving as an iconic gateway to the City’s downtown core for more than six decades.

“It’s time to rethink Stephen Avenue,” said Michael Magnan, Public Realm Lead with The City of Calgary. ”We are looking for a new design that will create short and long-term strategies that can be implemented over time to make Stephen Avenue better for Calgarians and visitors.”

The pedestrian mall was created in the 1990s to preserve heritage buildings from demolition. Stephen Avenue emerged as one of Calgary’s premiere destinations for dining, shopping and entertainment and the new developments integrated heritage resources. Despite all this, Calgary has not fully embraced Stephen Avenue as a destination area, beyond the work week.

“Right now, once office workers leave at the end of the day, the vibrancy of Stephen Avenue drops off,” said Magnan. “We are looking to invigorate Stephen Avenue to help the area reach its fullest potential as a unique destination and place, whether it’s during the day, evening or weekend.”

Through a request for proposal (RFP) process The City is looking for a team to spark creativity and:

  • Increase street activity during peak and non-peak periods.
  • Establish a vibe that addresses existing character, heritage and attracts and sustains a range of established and unique business activity.
  • Create something for everyone, celebrate fun, and encourage social mixing.
  • Find ways to address social disorder and help citizens feel safe.
  • Improve year round pedestrian connectivity from end to end.
  • Balance mobility for everyone — pedestrians, cyclists, goods, and vehicles.
  • Give users, occupants and owners an accessible, flexible space.
  • Propose temporary measures to address life-cycle deterioration of the public realm.

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