Responsible pet ownership and parks – important reminders for dog owners

To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all park and pathway users, The City of Calgary is reminding dog owners today about the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw. All parks in Calgary are designated on-leash areas unless otherwise indicated with signage. In addition, all Calgary pathways are considered on-leash, even if they run through off-leash areas. The bylaw also requires that a dog off-leash must be under its handler’s control at all times.

“All Calgarians have the right to enjoy our parks, and the safety of owners and their beloved pets is of utmost importance. Just because your dog is in an off-leash area, that does not mean they can be out of control,” says Damian Cole, Superintendent, Bylaw North. “Your dog must remain in your sight, and be able to respond to you when you call it to come back.”

If an owner knows their dog tends to be aggressive, they should never take their dog to an off-leash area, and should keep their dog on-leash at all times.

Dog owners should make sure they are aware of what areas of a park area are off-leash and on-leash. When walking a dog on a pathway, owners should keep their dog on a leash no longer than two metres, on the right-hand side of the pathway unless moving around other users.

For the safety of both the dog and other pathway users, when cycling or in-line skating, never take your dog with you. Only take your dog when you are walking. Dogs are prohibited from swimming in water adjacent to parks.

For more information, visit the responsible pet ownership page on