Calgary, AB,

Response to Downtown Demonstrations- Update # 2

Police and partner resources coordinated once again to ensure there was minimal disruption to downtown residents and visitors during the planned demonstrations. 

Today, Saturday, April 2, 2022, a demonstration was held at City Hall Plaza beginning at 1:00 p.m. Only one group was observed gathering, eventually walking west down Stephen Avenue to Harley Hotchkiss Gardens, and then back along the same route where the crowd began to disperse peacefully. At the peak of the demonstration, there were approximately 500 participants all of whom complied with the injunction.

Over the course of the day, one arrest was made on outstanding warrants, and eight traffic summonses were issued. 

Although specific officer numbers are not released to protect police tactics, several teams from the Service were used to police the demonstrations in conjunction with our partners. This included members from the Patrol, Public Safety Unit, Beats and Mountain Bike Unit, Traffic Section, Major Events, and Emergency Management Section, as well as investigative resources. Once again, many of these resources were required to ensure compliance with the Injunction and public safety rather than being deployed for other proactive community policing initiatives. Resources were also deployed by our partners with The City including Calgary Community Standards (Bylaw), as well as Alberta Health Services.