Calgary, AB,

Rescue Task Force Training

In an ongoing effort to best serve Calgarians, the Calgary Police Service, Calgary Fire Department, Emergency Medical Services and Calgary 9-1-1, have partnered together to train for Rescue Task Force (RTF).

As first responders, our number one priority is public safety. We have implemented this training to be even more prepared for complex situations in our city such as planned major events, environmental emergencies and potential acts of mass violence.

Currently, first responders collaborate every day in emergency situations and RTF training simply formalizes this existing process.

RTF is focused on the rescue and care of casualties from active emergency situations. It also focuses on integrating emergency resources to ensure first responders’ safety when attempting to attend to casualties in an active emergency.

The process of executing RTF utilizes tactics from each agency to approach complex situations in an integrated way. All agencies maintain their own authority and work together to address the incident. This approach of unified command also helps to eliminate communication challenges in dynamic situations.

The training took place at the building which previously housed the Greyhound Station and we were able to work with The City of Calgary’s Real Estate & Development Services to utilize the City-owned property. We appreciate this partnership with the City to further our training and best serve Calgarians.

A link to footage of RTF training is below. This footage showcases the collaboration between CPS, CFD, EMS and C911, when addressing a large-scale emergency such as an active shooter. It shows the consultation that takes place between first responders working together to minimize risk to the public and first responders.