Reminder, two weeks left to review 2021 Property Assessment

The City of Calgary reminds property owners that the Customer Review Period is on until March 23. Property owners have two weeks remaining to review their 2021 property assessment to ensure the information on their notice and account are accurate before their tax share is calculated and tax bills are mailed in May.

“We offer the Customer Review Period to help property owners review, check and compare their property assessment to determine the fairness of their value before their tax share is calculated,” says Acting City Assessor and Director of Assessment, Eddie Lee. “With time remaining, we hope Calgarians who may have questions about their assessment logon to Assessment Search to review their property details on their assessment account. Sales information and map tools are offered for owners to compare their property characteristics with similar properties.”

To determine the 2021 property assessments The City reviews market conditions each year so it can fairly distribute taxes based on the value of owned properties. How much each property owner contributes is based on their assessed value as of the valuation date of July 1, 2020.

Online tools and resources including a property tax calculator, sales and map search information and property specific details are available on and Assessment Search at to help property owners determine the fairness and equity of their assessment. If property owners have questions, they may also call The City at 403.268.2888. Qualified City Assessment staff will answer questions at no cost to the taxpayer. The Customer Review Period ends on March 23.

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