Reminder: One week left to review your 2022 property assessment

The City of Calgary reminds property owners that there is one week left to review and inquire about their 2022 property assessment. The 2022 Customer Review Period ends March 14. Over the next week, owners who may have questions about their home and/or commercial property values are encouraged to contact Assessment at 403.268.2888. This is a free service.

Property assessments are determined annually for the purpose of fair and equitable property tax distribution. Each property’s value was assessed based on the real estate market conditions on July 1, 2021. The 2022 property assessment will be used to calculate each owner’s share of property taxes.

Owners seeking general information about The City’s municipal assessment and tax process may visit For property specific information, owners may login to their secure access account on Assessment Search. We also offer a property tax calculator to help owners understand their tax responsibilities in advance of their 2022 Property Tax bill which will be sent in May.  

The Customer Review Period ends on March 14.