Calgary, AB,

ReDirect engaging youth to help prevent radicalization

A group of Calgary youth will be holding a public workshop on Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2018, to help raise awareness about some of the issues that can contribute to young people being vulnerable to radicalization.

The ReDirect Youth Innovation Group is made up of five youth between the ages of 16 and 19. They were recruited through various community organizations and schools to help design and complete a project that will help prevent radicalization in Calgary.

This year’s group has decided to address “us versus them” thinking by holding an event promoting togetherness. The event is a public event aimed at getting people to pop-in while they are visiting the Vivo Centre for Healthier Generations.

The event will include activities, presentations and other creative methods of bringing people together and highlighting what unites them. The entire event has been designed by the youth, with some advice and mentoring from City of Calgary and Calgary Police Service employees.

“Building empathy and a sense of togetherness in a community through events like this helps make people in our community less susceptible to strong ‘us versus them’ views, which also makes them less vulnerable to radicalization based on those views,” says John Acheson, ReDirect Family Liaison and Outreach Worker with the Calgary Police Service.

“This event is even more special because it was designed by young people who want to help their peers and neighbours see the world differently.”

The event is being held at the Vivo Centre for Healthier Generations between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. Calgarians are encouraged to pop-in anytime during the event to participate.

ReDirect is an early intervention and educational program aimed at preventing radicalization in Calgary. It is a partnership between the Calgary Police Service and the City of Calgary’s Calgary Neighbourhoods.

The ReDirect Youth Innovation Group is an initiative aimed at engaging young people in developing solutions to the problem of radicalization. The youth are all volunteers who want to gain leadership experience while also making Calgary an even better place to live.

To contact ReDirect or to learn more about the subject, find resources, make a referral for early intervention, ask questions, or find out about upcoming Youth Innovation Groups, please visit