Public Service Announcement: The City responds to heavy rainfall and hail

A significant thunderstorm, which brought rain and damaging hail, moved over Calgary, Saturday, June 13. The heavy rainfall resulted in major flooding to some roads and underpasses. Calgary’s northeast was the most heavily impacted by this substantial weather event.

Emergency crews responded immediately. They attended a number of sites across the city throughout the night, rescuing stranded citizens and ensuring public safety.

Today, The City of Calgary Water and Roads crews, with the help of Emergency Services, are assessing and clearing debris from flooded roads, storm drains and catch basins around the city. Where traffic signals have been damaged, Calgary Roads crews are onsite assisting with repairs.

Here’s how you can help with last night’s storm:

  • If you see a clogged storm water drain or catch basin, and it is safe to clear it, please do.
  • Call 311 if you see damage to public property or an unsafe situation due to last night’s storm.

The weather forecast for the remainder of the day calls for a mix of sun and cloud, with a low chance of showers. We expect these drier and sunnier conditions to help with clean-up efforts.

Stay safe

While the storm has passed, there are still flooded areas in the city. Please be safe when travelling around Calgary:

  • Do not attempt to drive through pools of standing water. They may be difficult to gauge how deep they are and could have hidden hazards.
  • Nose Hill creek is running high due to last night’s storm and parts of the pathway have been reported as flooded- please use caution or find an alternate route.
  • Please call 311, if you are experiencing water issues in your home, related to last evening’s rainfall.