Calgary, AB,

Police investigating serious collision

The Calgary Police Service is investigating a serious collision that occurred this afternoon.

At approximately 11:10 a.m., on Friday, March 2, 2018, a Chevrolet Cobalt was travelling north on Stoney Trail near the intersection of Peigan Trail S.E. The driver lost control, left the road and struck a concrete bridge support.

The driver was transported to hospital in serious, life-threatening condition.

Weather is considered a factor in the collision, however alcohol and drugs are not.

In total, 211 collisions were reported to the Calgary Police Service between midnight and 4 p.m. today. Fifteen of these resulted in injuries.

Police are reminding drivers to be careful on the roads today, and offer the following safety tips:

Before your journey:

  • Plan your journey ahead and try to stay on main roads.
  • Check the weather conditions before you leave and always allow extra time for your journey.
  • Make sure your vehicle is clear of snow and ice – not only is it dangerous, but it could result in a $115 ticket.
  • Uncleared snow could also fall off your vehicle and hit the vehicle behind or distract other drivers.

When driving:

  • Drive according to the road conditions. Just because the speed is posted at 100 km per hour does not mean you have to go that fast.
  • Always leave a safe gap between you and other vehicles. That way you will have plenty of time to react should anything happen…the ‘two second’ rule is always a good idea.
  • Pay particular attention at intersections. Snow often melts under the exhausts of vehicles and then re-freezes making it icy and difficult to stop.
  • Take extra care when travelling over bridges where black ice can form.
  • Avoid any sudden manoeuvres such as braking, accelerating or sharp turns.
  • If the conditions are too treacherous, turn back or find safety quickly.