Calgary, AB,

Police charge auto theft offenders following collision with semi-trailer truck

A man and a woman have been charged following the dangerous operation of a stolen Ford Explorer which resulted in a collision with a semi-trailer truck.

The Calgary Police Service’s HAWCS helicopter located the stolen vehicle on Sunday, Feb. 2, 2019, at approximately 11:50 p.m., when the vehicle was being driven in a dangerous manner. Unmarked units on the ground confirmed the vehicle was stolen, and that the occupants were known offenders who were believed to be breaching release conditions.

Due to the dangerous driving behaviour and to ensure public safety, the vehicle was followed from a distance by HAWCS. Officers observed the driver of the vehicle to travel at high rates of speed and running several red lights without any regard for the safety of others.

The stolen vehicle then travelled east of the city where the offenders made an unsafe turn and collided with an oncoming semi-trailer truck. Patrol officers attended the scene and took the offenders into custody without incident. No injuries were reported to the driver of the semi-trailer truck, however the offenders were transported to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Investigators later determined the vehicle was stolen during a garage break and enter through an unlocked door in southwest Calgary.

“The offenders in this case were both in breach of their release conditions and demonstrated no regard for the safety of other drivers on the road,” says Sgt. Garth Kowalyk of the CPS Specialized Offender Investigative Team. “These actions were extremely dangerous and put the safety of our citizens and officers at risk.”

Christopher Dwight LEAMING, 24, of Calgary, is charged with one count each of possession of stolen property, dangerous driving, breach of probation and driving without insurance. LEAMING is also charged with two counts of failing to comply with release conditions. He will next appear in court on Thursday, Feb. 20, 2020.

Kisha Rose Ann CHICKENESS, 23, of Calgary, is also facing three counts of breaching release conditions. She was also charged with 21 outstanding criminal warrants. CHICKENESS will next appear in court on Monday, Feb. 10, 2020.

Citizens are reminded to always ensure their homes and vehicles are secure by ensuring their vehicles are never left running with the keys inside, and completing the #9PMRoutine, which includes:

  • Removing valuables from vehicles.
  • Ensuring vehicles are locked, windows are closed and if possible, parked in a garage.
  • Closing garage doors and windows.
  • Locking any person-doors in the garage, including those leading into a house.
  • Checking that all house doors – front, back, side and garage – are locked.
  • Ensuring all windows are shut.
  • Turning on an exterior light.

Case #20048322/5316