Calgary, AB,

New Connect Line app launched to offer domestic violence supports

A new web-based app is being launched to help those affected by domestic abuse and violence connect with supports.

Connect Line is an app developed by the Calgary Police Service and Calgary-based developer Colin Cheverie to help people connect with the supports they need to protect their safety, stop abuse and start working towards having healthier relationships.

People impacted by domestic abuse usually need counseling, financial assistance, education and other supports to move their family to safety and eventually to a healthier place. These supports are available, but it can be challenging to navigate which agencies to contact.

When people download the app, they will find almost 40 different organizations sorted by the supports they offer. There is also information on domestic abuse, the laws that apply and how to plan for safety when dealing with domestic violence.

The app is helpful not only for those directly impacted by domestic abuse, but it is also a valuable resource to those supporting people in unhealthy or violent relationships. Professionals working with those affected by domestic violence as well as friends and family members of those needing help will both find the app valuable.

The app can be used from a computer or mobile device by visiting