Name a Snow Plow contest passes halfway mark

We’re just over halfway through our plow naming contest and Calgary students have been submitting some excellent names. There have been some names for beloved family members, pets, favorite television characters and some that are just the product of creative young minds. We wanted to remind you that there’s still time to submit your plow name before the end of the month.

Campaign highlights so far:

  • Plowy McPlowface, Mr. Plow and Frosty the Snowplow are some of the most common submissions so far.
  • More than 50 classes have taken part, and more than 500 individual students have also submitted names. We’ve received more than 750 submissions so far.
  • Kids and teachers can visit and submit their ideas. There’s also a colouring sheet and information page on The City’s snow program, and a place to ask questions about how The City responds to snow during the colder months.
  • Let’s acknowledge the diverse city we live in! We want all of your creative ideas and would love some that acknowledge the wonderful and diverse city we call home. Is there an Indigenous word that might be a fit for one of our plows? To our French immersion students: Avez vous un bon nom pour notre déneigeurs?

This contest is open to children and classes from Kindergarten to Grade 9. Winning names will be announced in January 2022. Many will be visible on the side of our plows when they’re out there tackling the snow, and you’ll also be able to see them on our live Road Conditions online map. For more information on the contest, visit