Mobile vaccination outreach program extended

In late September, The City of Calgary partnered with Alberta Health and Industry for Vaccinations to bring mobile COVID-19 vaccinations to Calgary to help remove barriers to vaccination by providing equitable and convenient access to vaccinations. The City of Calgary is pleased to extend this program for another month.

“Over the past six weeks, our mobile stations have been in every quadrant of Calgary and we’ve provided over 1,400 first, second and third does for those eligible,” said Chief Sue Henry from Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA). “Every vaccination is one more person less likely to experience serious effects from COIVD-19. Vaccination is our best way to combat this pandemic and reduce the strain on our medical care system.”

The mobile vaccination program is being extended to support those citizens who are still struggling with barriers and to support the increased population able to obtain a third dose.

The mobile stations will continue to be spread across the city, and Calgarians are able to find the schedule on If you would like a mobile station in your community, call 311 to request one. For Calgarians who want to be vaccinated but are still experiencing challenges, like childcare or mobility, CEMA and our partners can work to help them overcome these barriers and get vaccinated.

The clinics will be operational every day of the week, except Remembrance Day, until December 5th.