Calgary, AB,

Media Advisory: Shane Eric James SMITH family statements

With permission of the family of Shane Eric James SMITH, we are releasing the family statements that were shared earlier today:


Cassandra Smith's statement - Shane's older sister

Hello, my name is Cassie and I am Shane's older sister. The one who is supposed to protect him from the bad in the world. Something I was sadly unable to do, because someone thought they had the right to take him away for no reason.

When Shane and I were growing up, I taught him how to catch a baseball, play badminton, took him on silly rides at Disney, had many living room camp outs and beyond millions of other things. Anytime another kid at school was mean to him, I promised I had his back if he needed me. I watched him grow into this amazing young man, best friend, best brother and son. Cherished by all that he impacted.

The last time we talked was because I called him when I was having a bad day, and I needed to talk, and he talked me through it and texted me after to tell me he loves me and was sorry he couldn't come over that night as he had commitments in the morning. His friends have told me how he talked of our relationship and his love for his family.

I am here begging anyone who knows anything about that tragic night that ruined our lives forever to please come forward. Look at the pictures, hear the stories and give my beautiful, amazing baby brother the respect he deserves. He didn't deserve to have his life taken. He doesn't deserve to be out there alone. Please let my family do what we never imagined we have to do and lay Shane to rest properly. Somewhere his family and his friends can tell him how much we love and miss him. I know my life will never be the same knowing Shane won't dance with me at my wedding or meet my children. I know my parents lives will never be the same. So please, I beg you, give us this at least, if you know something if you can help us bring my dear brother home. Please. 


Sincerely, Cassandra Smith


Shirley Smith's statement - Shane's mother 

My name is Shirley Smith. This is my husband Bill and my daughter Cassandra.

On June 6th, almost 6 weeks ago, our world was shattered and our small family was broken forever. My loving, handsome son Shane, only 20 years old, was horrifically murdered.

When I spoke with my boy that day, it was so normal, just an average day....our last words were I love yous. Never did we ever think something like this could ever destroy our lives forever. Our amazing son, gone, just like that. Shane is everyone's best friend, loved by all. To think he left this world at the hands of who he thought was his friend is unbearable. What's worse, the accused has hidden our beautiful son from us. We know others are keeping the secret of where Shane is. We are here to beg and plead for you to please, please let us lay our son to rest.

Shane deserved his life. He does not deserve to be out there somewhere all alone. Give him the dignity and respect he deserves. My family and all of Shane's amazing friends need to say hard as that will be. In what world should a mom, dad and sister be out looking daily for their son, their brother's body. This is a living nightmare. We are asking everyone who lives on the outskirts of Calgary, the smaller towns surrounding Calgary, please check your fields and ditches. We are so desperate. Please help us.

Shirley Smith


Shane Smith memorial drone footage: The family has requested that media share drone footage of a memorial gathering that was recently held to honour Shane's memory. With the family's permission, the footage can be found on Nathan Baron's Facebook page. Baron is a family friend. 


The Calgary Police Service and the family of Shane would like to thank the media and the public for their assistance in this investigation.