Calgary, AB,

Man charged with sex-related offences against vulnerable teens

The Calgary Police Service Child Abuse Unit has charged a man as a result of a sexual assault investigation.

The investigation began in early January 2017, when a 17-year-old male came forward to report that he had been sexually assaulted. Police believe the accused identified the youth as vulnerable and offered him drugs. The teen accepted what he thought was crystal meth, but it is also believed he was given GHB to incapacitate him before he was sexually assaulted.

As the investigation progressed using numerous strategies, the teen was supported by the Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre.

On Sunday, March 12, 2017, a 19-year-old male victim went to the suspect’s home in the 1000 block of 16 Avenue S.W. The man exited his apartment and allegedly chased the teen down a hallway with a large knife. The man was arrested and the teen was unharmed.

The investigation continues.

In relation to the 17-year-old victim, Robin Adair WORTMAN, 62, has been charged with sexual assault. In relation to the 19-year-old victim, WORTMAN has been charged with assault with a weapon. The investigation has also led to WORTMAN being charged with two counts of communication to procure sexual services from victims under 18. He will next appear in court on all charges on Wednesday, March 15, 2017.

Anyone who may have information about this case is asked to call Det. Spence at 403-428-5457. Anyone who believes they’ve been a victim of sexual assault is asked to contact the Calgary Police Service at 403-266-1234.