Calgary, AB,

Man charged with child luring and sexual offenses

The Calgary Police Service has charged a man with a number of sex-related offences involving children.

Sometime between January and February 2016, a 15-year-old girl met up with a man in south Calgary, who identified himself with an alias. The girl had initially made contact with the man through a social media app called Whisper, which allows users to send and receive messages anonymously.

The two engaged in conversation and the man invited the girl to his residence. The girl agreed and the man provided directions to his home in the southwest community of Woodbine via text message. Once at the residence, the man allegedly sexually assaulted the girl.

The girl disclosed her experience with the man to police in April 2016. Using a number of investigative techniques, police were able to determine the real name of the accused.

Meanwhile, in February 2016, the accused allegedly preyed upon another 15-year-old female. This girl met the same man who identified himself with a different alias through the same social media app. The two began talking through the application and the man invited the girl to his residence, again providing directions via text message.

The girl went to the man’s Woodbine home early February 2016. While there, the man forced himself on the girl and allegedly sexually assaulted her.

The victim was lured to the man’s residence a second time in March 2016. The man forced himself on the girl again, allegedly sexually assaulting her.

In October 2016, the second victim came forward to police. Once again, police were able to determine the man’s name and the victim identified him through use of a photo lineup and his distinctive tattoos.

Initial charges stemming from the first incident were laid on Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016, against Ian Patrick WILSON, 39, of Calgary. He was charged with one count of sexual interference with a child under 16 years, one count of sexual assault, and one count of luring via a telecommunications device.

Based on the second investigation, on Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2016, WILSON was charged with two counts of sexual interference with a child under 16 years, two counts of sexual assault, and one count of luring via a telecommunications device.

The Calgary Police Service encourages all victims of sexual assault, or any crime, to report to the police by calling the non-emergency line at 403-266-1234, or attending any district office.

The Calgary Police Service is providing the following tips to help children stay safe online:

  • Make sure you know what your children are doing on their devices and understand the apps they are using.
  • Be able to recognize all of the app icons on your children’s device and know what they link to.
  • Set up a contract with your children, outlining your expectations before giving them access to the device. Include things like:
    • Who will have access to the device and any passwords associated
    • Which apps they are allowed to use
    • How to interact with other people online and through social media, and what to do if they experience inappropriate behaviour
    • What information is personal and should not be shared with anyone
    • General safe internet practices
    • Usage restrictions
    • Explain why restrictions have been put in place
  • Know the age restrictions that exist for many social networking sites.