Calgary, AB,

Man arrested after stabbing two people

A man has been arrested and is facing charges after stabbing two others at a building complex in southwest Calgary.

Around 12:40 p.m., this afternoon (Friday, June 11, 2021), we were called to a building at 10623 West Valley Road S.W., that contains residences, offices, a church and a daycare for reports that a man in the building was stabbing people. Officers from multiple areas of our Service immediately responded and entered the building.

Officers located the suspect in the residences and were able to deescalate the situation to the point that he surrendered. Two male victims were found injured and were transported to hospital. One was in serious condition and the other was in serious but stable condition.

Officers are trained on how to work together in buildings where there is an active threat to ensure that any threat to people is stopped as soon as possible. The first officers into the building are tasked only with finding and stopping the threat, followed by a second wave of officers who help EMS and firefighters evacuate and treat anyone who has been injured.

A daycare in the building was immediately locked down by officers, and then evacuated when officers determined it was safe to do so.

We encourage people in situations like this where there is an active threat to evacuate the building if there is a safe route out or to hide somewhere as secure as possible if they are trapped. Locking or barricading doors into the room you are in is a good way to prevent entry. If contact with an assailant cannot be avoided, use whatever reasonable force you need to defend yourself.

When people in these situations encounter police officers searching the building, it is best not to run at them and to keep hands empty and where officers can see them. This ensures officers can quickly differentiate assailants from victims.

The motivation for the stabbings is still under investigation and the identity of the man cannot be released until he is formally charged.

Case # 21218657