Calgary, AB,

Laetitia ACERA arrested in Saskatoon

Just hours after police asked for the public’s help to locate a woman wanted on warrants in Calgary for 115 different charges, the Saskatoon Police Service located and arrested her in their city.

Laetitia Angelique ACERA, 25, will now return to Calgary to face the charges, which date back to September 2018. The Calgary Police Service is working with officials in Saskatoon to arrange her transportation back to Calgary, though no date for this has been set.

ACERA is the second person wanted in Calgary and arrested in Saskatchewan this week, after a man wanted for alleged domestic violence was arrested by the Regina Police Service on Sunday, Dec. 29, 2018.

The two cases are excellent examples of how closely law enforcement agencies work together in Canada to find people trying to evade charges and hold them accountable. This coordination requires the work of both local police agencies, the RCMP who oversee the national database used by police, and Crown Prosecutors in both jurisdictions involved.

Coordinated use of social media is also making it harder for people to hide in different jurisdictions as police services routinely share posts from other agencies when a wanted person is believed to be in their area, which is what made the quick arrest of ACERA possible.

The Calgary Police Service would like to thank the Saskatoon Police Service and public for their assistance in locating and arresting ACERA. The Service would also again like to thank the Regina Police Service for their assistance with the arrest earlier this week.