Investing in Eau Claire: Calgarians invited to provide input on public space improvements

CALGARY ­— It’s time to rethink and rebuild Eau Claire’s public spaces and The City of Calgary is asking Calgarians for their input on April 13 from 10 to 2 p.m. at Eau Claire Market.

The City is investing in Eau Claire to create a landmark area where Calgarians can proudly participate in a desirable, active and lively cultural destination. The City’s aim for redeveloping the area is to improve connections in to and out of Eau Claire; build on the Eau Claire’s character to create great spaces to live, work, play and shop; and plan for the near-and long-term to deliver thoughtful growth and development in the area.

“The City is hosting a drop-in session to share information about planned changes and projects in Eau Claire,” said Joyce Tang, program manager with The City of Calgary. “We have a number of planned projects in the Eau Claire area and the drop in session on April 13 is important opportunity to share information with Calgarians and hear their feedback.”

The City is undertaking multiple, connected projects that focus on connectivity, flood resiliency and creating great spaces to live, work and play. These projects include:

  • Designing and building a new Eau Claire Promenade
  • Designing a new Eau Claire Plaza
  • Replacing Jaipur Bridge
  • Flood mitigation projects in Eau Claire and Sunnyside

These projects will support the community in the near future and for decades to come, as each one has the same objective of building and maintaining a wonderful neighbourhood. Some projects will be planned and constructed in the next two years, others that are in planning now won’t be realized for several years.

“It’s important that we design and build each project to meet current needs and to lay the foundation for expected future demand as Calgary grows and evolves,” said Tang. “Eau Claire’s public spaces are important to Calgarians and we want to make sure that we create safe, accessible and beautiful spaces that connect downtown, the river and beyond.”

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