Hurry – the time to review your property assessment is running out

The City of Calgary reminds property owners that there is one week remaining to review and inquire about their 2023 property assessment. The 2023 Customer Review Period will conclude on March 13.

With little time left, don’t delay…we’re here to help. Through our free customer service, property owners can inquire about their property’s assessment until March 13. We’ll review the property details, provide information, and make adjustments when applicable.  

Property assessments are completed annually and are used to determine each property owner’s share of property tax. Each property’s value was assessed based on the real estate market conditions on July 1, 2022. After the Customer Review Period concludes we’ll prepare and mail the 2023 Property Tax bill in May. 

For general information about The City’s property assessment process, please visit or sign in to your secure access account on Assessment Search. We also offer a property tax calculator to help property owners understand their tax responsibilities in advance of the tax bill mailing.    

The Customer Review Period ends on March 13. Contact us by March 13 at 403.268.2888 or visit to learn more.