Calgary, AB,

Fourth class of Auxiliary Cadets graduates

Nineteen young people are officially joining the Calgary Police Service’s Auxiliary Cadets this afternoon. Starting next week, they will be helping at the front counters in police districts across the city and in the YouthLink Police Interpretive Centre.

This is the fourth class of graduating Auxiliary Cadets and they officially complete their training on Friday, Sept. 2, 2016, in a ceremony at HMCS Tecumseh. After the ceremony they will boost the ranks of the Auxiliary Cadets to 53 members.

The new Auxiliary Cadets will be mentored by police officers and civilian staff as they get valuable work experience at the front counters of district offices, helping the public with paperwork, filing reports and finding information. They also assist with the administrative work that keeps the Service operating smoothly.

This year, the program expanded into YouthLink, where the Auxiliary Cadets can get the additional experience of working with children. They help kids learn about the consequences of crime and why it is important to make good decisions.

The Auxiliary Cadet program was started in 2013 as a way to help young people bridge into a career as a police officer, and to help police better serve the public. It is designed for individuals between the ages of 18 and 24 that have an interest in a policing career, but it is open to anyone.

Over the course of their time as an Auxiliary Cadet, the new grads will learn skills and knowledge that are foundational to being a good police officer, including how to resolve disputes, how to communicate effectively with people from diverse backgrounds and how the legal system works. Auxiliary Cadets also learn leadership skills and improve their physical fitness throughout the program.

The program has earned a reputation for being a great way to develop skills and transition into a career in policing. Over 400 people applied for the 19 Auxiliary Cadet positions that were open this year and seven former Auxiliary Cadets have already joined the Service as police officers.