Foothills-Calgary Annexation Negotiation Committee to initiate joint engagement on proposed annexation

The Annexation Negotiation Committee (ANC) established between Foothills County and The City of Calgary have agreed upon a multiphase public engagement strategy to address proposed annexation of lands from Foothills County into The City of Calgary. This will enable landowners and the public to identify opportunities and challenges relative to the proposed annexation.

“We’re looking forward to an engagement program that will provide an opportunity to hear directly from both Foothills and Calgary residents," says Evan Spencer, ANC Co-Chair and Calgary Councillor.

The first phase of the engagement program is planned to start in April. An engagement consultant will conduct the engagement and ensure an independent and transparent process. 

The area subject to the proposed annexation includes approximately 415 acres of land on the west side of Calgary’s southern boundary with Foothills County. This area has previously been identified as a long-term growth area for Calgary, as outlined in the 2017 Foothills County – City of Calgary Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP). The IDP identifies specific areas for future growth for both municipalities and includes policies for annexation. If the proposed annexation is approved by both Councils and the Province, then the proposed lands (map attached) would be incorporated into The City.

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