Calgary, AB,

Enhanced checkstops see impaired infractions by all ages

The Calgary Police Service Traffic Unit conducted three days of Enhanced Alberta Checkstops in February and March, which led to a total of 68 vehicles towed or seized.

Immediate roadside suspensions were given to 24 vehicles. Drug impairment was involved in 11 of the 24-hour suspensions; ten were related to marijuana use.

Two women, 47 and 32 years of age, both with probationary Class 5 licenses, were given a 30-day licence suspension, and a 7-day vehicle seizure for driving while having consumed alcohol. In total, 15 Alberta Zero Alcohol Tolerance (AZAT) suspensions were handed out. Drivers with Learner (Class 7) or Probationary (Class 5) licences must have a zero blood alcohol level when driving.

In another instance, an 18-year-old woman was out celebrating her birthday with her mom. The mother was driving the daughter’s vehicle when she was found to be driving over the provincial limit. The mother’s license was suspended for 72 hours and the daughter’s vehicle was seized for a 72 hour time period.

A total of 18 criminal code charges for impaired driving were laid during the checkstops. Additional criminal code offences included a stolen license plate charge and a resisting arrest charge.

The Calgary Police Service reminds everyone to have a safe holiday weekend, please do not drink and drive.