Calgary, AB,

Downtown high-visibility police presence

In December, the Calgary Police Service announced the implementation of a mobile, high-visibility policing presence in the core. For the month of January 2018, it will be located near Olympic Plaza.

As well as enhancing security and safety, the high-visibility presence will provide the public an opportunity to interact with officers. They are available to assist the public at this location and provide guidance as needed, Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

In addition to this weekday occurrence, the Calgary Police Service has also increased the high-visibility police presence at major public events in the downtown area, including Victoria Park, East Village and Stampede Park.

“To be clear, there is no indication that there is a specific threat to any large-scale gatherings in Calgary. That being said, events around the world and even right here in Alberta indicate we’d be remiss not to take every precaution possible to ensure public safety,” says Staff Sgt. Shawn Wallace.

Large-scale gatherings can include sporting events, festivals, concerts, expositions and/or demonstrations. This increased deployment may include a variety of CPS vehicles, such as the Mobile Command Vehicle, or the Checkstop bus.

“Community safety is everyone’s responsibility. We need you to be our eyes and ears; if you see anything suspicious, report it,” says Staff Sgt. Wallace.