Calgary, AB,

Deerfoot Trail closed due to unsafe driving conditions

The Calgary Police Service has closed Deerfoot Trail in both directions between McKnight Boulevard and Anderson Road, due to multiple collisions and unsafe driving conditions. Calgarians are asked to find alternate routes.

Today's weather has created poor winter driving conditions throughout the city, and the public is advised by police to avoid travel, if possible.

"The weather today is making the roads challenging for drivers, and we definitely recommend that people should stay home today if they can," says Duty Inspector Jim Shaw. "If you are out, please drive to the conditions. Slow down, leave lots of room between you and other vehicles, and turn your lights on so people can see you."

"It has been a very busy day for us and all emergency services. There have been a lot of collisions across the city and we are all working hard to keep up," he added.

If Calgarians do need to be on the road, police offer the following winter driving tips:

Before your journey:

  • Plan your journey ahead and try to stay on main roads.
  • Check the weather conditions before you leave and always allow extra time for your journey.
  • Make sure your vehicle is clear of snow and ice – not only is it dangerous, but it could result in a $115 ticket.
  • Uncleared snow could also fall off your vehicle and hit the vehicle behind or distract other drivers.

When driving:

  • Drive according to the road conditions. Just because the speed is posted at 100 km per hour does not mean you have to go that fast.
  • Always leave a safe gap between you and other vehicles. That way you will have plenty of time to react should anything happen…the ‘two second’ rule is always a good idea.
  • Pay particular attention at intersections. Snow often melts under the exhausts of vehicles and then re-freezes making it icy and difficult to stop.
  • Take extra care when travelling over bridges where black ice can form.• Avoid any sudden manoeuvres such as braking, accelerating or sharp turns.
  • If the conditions are too treacherous, turn back or find safety quickly.