Crowchild Trail Upgrades Continue - Spring 2018

Progress continues on the Crowchild Trail Upgrades Project and as part of this year’s work, the construction zone is expanding further north up to 5 Avenue N.W.

While the first phase of this project focused exclusively on upgrades over and south of the Bow River, the focus this year will extend to the roadwork up to 5 Avenue N.W., the relocation of at least one of the major on and off ramps, and the construction of a new pathway and crossing that will make it easier for people who walk and cycle in the area.

Recognizing Crowchild Trail is a key north-south link across the west side of Calgary, and one that provides access downtown, The City will continue to ensure that Crowchild Trail remains usable and accessible throughout construction. As well, a commitment to ensuring construction is completed in a timely manner means crews will work throughout the night. Work will be proactively staged in order to ensure, that where possible, the noisiest work is completed earlier on in the evening.

“Crowchild Trail is a critical part of Calgary’s transportation network with upwards of 107,000 vehicles using it daily, including commuters, business owners, and emergency services. Additionally, thousands of people use the pathways below to access communities on either side,” explains Senior Transportation Engineer Jeff Baird. “We realize that nighttime work may at times cause disruptions to the surrounding communities and we are grateful for the patience and understanding of the many citizens, and area businesses, that are being impacted by this construction project.”

The City would like to remind people that for the safety of crews and people travelling in the area, the speed limit has been reduced in the construction zone and is being enforced.

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From Feb. 2015 to Dec. 2016, The City of Calgary worked with Calgarians to identify short, medium, and long- term upgrades to Crowchild Trail from 24 Avenue N.W. to 17 Avenue S.W., as part of the Council-approved corridor study for Crowchild Trail. On April 24, 2017, funding for the short-term plan from the Crowchild Trail Study was approved by Council.

Last October, The City launched the Crowchild Upgrades Project. This two-year, $87 million-dollar project will see a new Crowchild Trail that will manage traffic better over the Bow River, move traffic more efficiently on to and off of Crowchild Trail, and improve connections for people who walk and cycle in the area.