Crowchild Trail construction kick-off

On October 29, 2017, The City will begin the first phase of Crowchild Trail upgrades over the Bow River, between Bow Trail and Memorial Drive, and then further along north up to 5 Avenue N.W. These changes will improve travel and mobility along and across Crowchild Trail, while maintaining and enhancing its bordering communities.

This is a two-year, $87 million-dollar project, and once completed, the new Crowchild Trail will manage traffic better over the Bow River, move traffic more efficiently on to and off of Crowchild Trail, and improve connections for people who walk and cycle in the area.

Project Manager Jeff Baird has more details: “It’s a major undertaking because we’re widening the bridge over the Bow River, adding a traffic lane in both directions between Bow Trail and Memorial Drive (and a northbound lane from Memorial Drive to 5 Avenue N.W.), and moving on and off ramps so people driving don’t have to change lanes as quickly. In addition to this work, we’re also adding a couple of pathways and a crossing that will make it easier for people who walk and cycle to connect to The Bow River Pathway system.”

Crowchild Trail is a critical part of Calgary’s transportation network; it sees up to 107,000 vehicles a day, has thousands of people using the pathways below, and communities on either side. “We have to keep this road open while we work because it’s the main north-south link across the west side of Calgary, provides access downtown, and connects to major destinations across the city”,Baird explains.

“For the safety of crews and people travelling in the area, we’re slowing people down through the site, but we’re keeping all the traffic lanes open during weekdays and focusing on more of the road impact work through the night.” Baird adds, “Our team is working to ensure the noisier work is minimized through the night and we’ll be communicating our night schedules to our neighbours and posting it online.”

When pathway closures and detours are necessary, notices will be put in place (Upcoming closure: Crowchild Trail pedestrian bridge closed from Nov. 6 to spring 2018, to accommodate bridge work. People can use Edworthy Park bridge or 14 Street S.W. bridge to cross the Bow River).

The City is grateful for the patience and understanding of the many citizens, communities and area businesses that will be impacted by this construction project over the next two years.

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This project is one of many The City is undertaking that will put people to work. It’s estimated, upwards of 600 jobs will be created through the Crowchild Trail Upgrades projects.


From Feb. 2015 to Dec. 2016, The City of Calgary worked with Calgarians to identify short-, medium-, and long-term upgrades to Crowchild Trail from 24 Avenue N.W. to 17 Avenue S.W., as part of the Council-approved corridor study for Crowchild Trail. On April 24, 2017, funding for the short-term plan from the Crowchild Trail Study was approved by Council.