Calgary, AB,

CPS statement: Upcoming demonstrations and community impact

We know that recent demonstrations are impacting community and causing disruptions. We are working closely with organizers to ensure voluntary compliance to mitigate disruption to businesses and the public who are accessing the areas in and around the demonstration locations.

As police, our role is to facilitate lawful, peaceful and safe demonstrations, while minimizing impact to the community. We have a responsibility to protect the participants, the community and the police working to keep everyone safe.

We are working with the organizers of a planned demonstration this Sunday, Dec. 3, 2023. While in large, we expect peaceful behaviour, we also want to be very clear in our expectations of the participants as they carry out their lawful right to demonstrate. Prohibiting the safe movement of vehicles on major thoroughfares and blocking access routes to necessary services will be addressed by officers under the applicable law. Those expectations have been, and continue to be, communicated to the demonstration organizers and participants. We are sharing this more broadly to clearly set expectations for everyone involved.

With any large gathering in a downtown environment, we expect temporary disruptions in the surrounding area. We ask for patience as police work with those in attendance to resolves the issues. Please watch for live updates on our social media channels.

We continue to appeal to all demonstrators to act responsibly and to demonstrate within the laws. We ask that all those attending to remain respectful of differing views, police instruction and other Calgarians who may be impacted.

For those attending planned demonstrations across Calgary, please review your rights and responsibilities at Anyone who jeopardizes public peace, endangers others, or participates in illegal activities, will be held accountable for their actions. If anyone feels they were not dealt with appropriately by police, they can file a complaint through our Professional Standards Section.