Calgary, AB,

CPS statement on weekend protests and demonstrations

Over the last two weeks, multiple protests and demonstrations have taken place across Calgary in support of a variety of communities and causes. Calgary is a diverse city, and we understand that this means diversity in thought and in causes that are immensely important to Calgarians.

We maintain that we police behaviours and not beliefs, and in the last two protests we have seen increasingly escalating behaviour that has required police intervention. While we will continue to uphold Charter rights to protest, we remind Calgarians that there are very definitive expectations and responsibilities to those who choose to protest. We will not tolerate those who put the safety of the public or police officers at risk.

Three individuals were arrested today, Sunday, Oct. 22, 2023, in relation to protests that took place at Olympic Plaza. Those arrests ranged from charges of breach of peace to one arrest for assault with a weapon.

We encourage anyone who is planning an event or a demonstration to review the information on our website:

We are committed to working with groups who want to organize an event that provides a safe and peaceful opportunity for demonstrators to exercise their lawful rights. Our objective is to work with all parties to ensure public and officer safety, and to maintain orderly conduct and peace.