Calgary, AB,

CPS statement following ASIRT decision in Sunalta officer-involved shooting

The decision made by the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team (ASIRT) regarding the Nov. 29, 2016, officer-involved shooting in Sunalta reaffirms our members took actions that were reasonable and necessary.

It is clear that the responding officers and bystanders were at serious risk of harm as a result of the state of this individual. This dynamic incident took place in a matter of seconds and is merely one of many that our officers face every day.

Thousands of times a year, officers respond to calls for those with addictions or mental health issues. The overwhelming majority of these calls end with de-escalation of the situation and further engagement of the appropriate partner agencies to assist in getting help to our community’s most vulnerable.

Our officers displayed great courage, respect and compassion for the individual involved in this incident. This has been a lengthy process, as acknowledged by ASIRT, and our members have acted with integrity throughout. They have the complete support of the Calgary Police Service and remain on active duty.

The grief being endured by the family is not lost on the members of the Calgary Police Service. In our duty to protect public safety, we always strive for a resolution that preserves life.