Calgary, AB,

Commercial Vehicle Safety Month

June is Commercial Vehicle Safety Month in the Alberta Traffic Safety Calendar and we are teaming up with our partners in the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) to ensure commercial vehicles and their drivers are operating safely on the roads. Although this work happens throughout the year, this month we will be raising awareness about the most common issues inspectors find.

It is not uncommon for a large percentage of inspected vehicles to be ordered out of service. Last year the Calgary Police Service inspected 690 commercial vehicles and placed 581 out of service for failed inspections. That is a failure rate of 84 per cent. The most common issues were with cargo securement, brake systems, lighting devices, tires, and hours of service for the operators.

“The deficiencies we are finding are often simple issues to address before you hit the road and could save you from a costly fine, out-of-service time, or even more serious consequences in the case of a collision,” says CVSA Inspector and CPS Traffic Sgt. Colin Foster.

“Commercial vehicle carriers have an important role in helping everyone on our highways reach their destination safely by following safety standards and the rules of the road. Commercial vehicle enforcement prevents collisions that can cause death, injury and costly damage to our highway infrastructure, while making sure people and goods move safely through Alberta,” says Supt. Rick Gardner of the Sheriff Highway Patrol.

The CVSA establishes industry-wide safety standards across Canada, the United States and Mexico. The Calgary Police Service Traffic Section has 12 officers trained and certified as CVSA Inspectors. The Sheriff Highway Patrol conducts traffic enforcement on provincial highways and operates 17 vehicle inspection stations and 24 mobile weigh scales throughout the province as part of its commercial vehicle enforcement mandate.

The North American Standard Out-of-Service Criteria is the pass-fail criteria for inspections and identifies critical violations that can prohibit a motor carrier or driver from operating a commercial motor vehicle for a specified period of time, or until the condition is corrected. A list of the requirements and resources are available on the CVSA website, including a North American Standard Roadside Inspection Vehicle Cheat Sheet at

Drivers are responsible for the care and condition of the vehicle they are in. Whether you are driving a commercial truck, or hauling a trailer for recreational or transportation purposes, it is your job to ensure you meet the requirements that will keep you, your load and other motorists safe.