City of Calgary publishes answers to Southwest BRT questions

Today The City of Calgary published responses to questions about the Southwest BRT project. After hearing questions from members of the public at the April 20, 2016, meeting of the Standing Policy Committee on Transportation and Transit (SPC on T & T), Committee directed Administration to respond to the public’s questions at the July 20, 2016, SPC on T & T.

The document, called the Southwest BRT Response to Public Questions, will accompany the Committee report on the Southwest BRT project when it is presented on July 20. The City is publishing the document in advance of the regular meeting agenda release to give the public additional time to read the large document before Committee.

“We’re looking forward to responding to Calgarians’ questions,” said Mac Logan, General Manager of Transportation for The City of Calgary. “We’ve listened to the public’s feedback and have made adjustments to the project that will address some of those items.”

Public input continues to shape and inform the project plan. Several elements of the project have been updated since the last report in April, 2016, including some intersection design refinement and coordination with planned utility work.

The Southwest BRT Response to Public Questions is available online at The full Committee report and all attachments will be published when the T & T meeting agenda is released by Friday, July 15, 2016.