CIty of Calgary COVID update May 19

City of Calgary update on response to COVID-19 – May 19, 2020

The City of Calgary would like to remind citizens that we remain in a State of Local Emergency. This is to support the Government of Alberta’s efforts to combat the spread of COVID-19. The City of Calgary, in collaboration with social agencies, the business community, civic partners and citizens is taking immediate action to respond to COVID-19.

Please see below for the latest updates

Calgary Community Standards Weekend Patrols

Bylaw investigated reports of social distancing violations for groups of under 50 people; with Calgary Police Service attending for groups larger than 50 people. 77 incidents were related to concerns about folks not following the public health order, including physical distancing and playground use when closed.

City of Calgary bylaw officers conducted 279 visible patrols this weekend. Peace Officers experienced high levels of cooperation and compliance from the public in parks and public spaces this long weekend.

Patrols were conducted in popular locations, including: Bowness Skate Park, New Brighton Skate Park, Shaw Millennium Skate Park, Stanley Park, Eau Claire Promenade, Nose Hill Off Leash Dog Park, Sue Higgins Off Leash Dog and Edworthy Park.

Skate boarders were abiding by the public health orders in our skate parks this weekend, and we thank you for that. Where we are continuing to see issues is with spectators at skate parks failing to physically distance. In addition, small children have been seen using the skateparks as playgrounds. We ask parents to please help us in keeping our skateparks for skateboarders only.

Over this past weekend, there were no tickets handed out for Public Health Act violations. However, 135 warnings were issued to citizens. Five tickets were handed out for drinking alcohol in the park.

CEMA Chief Tom Sampson says “For the most part, we saw very good compliance with people trying to stay as safe as possible but still enjoy the weekend. However, there is always room for improvement. We can’t let up on that physical distance of 2 metres; even with a slight relaxation on outdoor gatherings, that 2 metres is not optional.”

Joint Business Inspection Task Force

This past weekend, the Joint Business Inspection Task Force received 43 calls from the public related to COVID. This brings the total number of business (COVID) complaints to 719 since the SOLE was announced in mid-March.

107 businesses investigated were in compliance with the Public Health Act order. However, the task force found 13 locations not adhering to physical distancing and each were issued a warning.

Two violation tickets were issued; both were massage businesses operating when they should not be. Fines were issued under the Business Licence Bylaw for $1,000 each.

Businesses found operating in contravention of the Public Health Act could face multiple fines, suspension or revocation of their business licence (coupled with charges under the Public Health Act).

Citizens are encouraged to report complaints so that our officers may quickly investigate.

Opening of Plus 15s

Opening Plus 15s between buildings will be based on when the business within those buildings open.

Buildings on both ends have to agree to the Plus 15 between them opening – so it’s not possible to open the whole network all at once. Plus 15s will open intermittently as the buildings and businesses open and agree to open their connected Plus 15s.

No building owners have asked us to reopen their Plus 15 yet. Some of the businesses have expressed interest in seeing them open. Business owners interested in seeing Plus 15s open are asked to connect with their building owners – who then work with us at The City to reopen them.

As Plus 15s open, we will update Plus 15 information on

City Golf course openings – update

On Thursday May 14, The City opened some of its golf courses: both courses at Shaganappi Point, Maple Ridge and the 18-hole course at McCall Lake Golf Course.

“We’ve been pleased to hear from golf staff that golfers are very happy to be out on the courses and adjusting to the new safety guidelines,” says CEMA Chief Tom Sampson. “We did not have any reported issues with patrons complying with the COVID rules over the long weekend, which was great to see.”

As of Tuesday morning, 4,198 people have played golf at a City-owned course since opening on May 14, and a total of 5,883 have registered to be able to book tee times this summer.

The City will open other courses based on our ability to ensure health and safety.

Blue Cart update

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 at the Cascades Recovery sorting facility, the company temporarily suspended receiving recyclable materials from The City last week. That meant that all recycling picked up since last Wednesday was taken to the landfill.

Cascades worked closely with Alberta Health Services and Occupational Health and Safety in order to take all steps necessary to keep its employees and their families safe. This included testing of employees and an extensive, deep clean at the facility.

While they will begin accepting materials from The City of Calgary again, sorting will not be at full capacity. The facility will receive as much material as they are able to process with the staff currently available.

The City will continue to collect blue carts this week. Some materials will be sorted at the Cascades facility, but as they cannot run at full capacity, some material may need to be landfilled. This also affects community recycling depot locations.

If you have room in your blue cart, you can choose to save your recyclables for a later pickup.

Youth Employment Centre now open

The Youth Employment Centre had to close its doors in mid-March due to COVID-19. And the pandemic also cancelled this year’s Youth Hiring Fair that was scheduled for early April.

In the interim, staff have been working from home, answering calls from youth who are looking for work. They still help youth look for jobs, apply for them, and help them prepare for the interview.

  • 260 new clients have registered for YEC services during COVID. The demand for YEC’s services remains steady among youth ages 15-24 who are looking for assistance in entering the workforce despite COVID.
  • Employers continue to reach out at pre-COVID levels for assistance in recruiting young people.
  • YEC has made 125 client referrals to partnering employers in the month of May.
  • YEC has consulted with clients over 3500 times since COVID (this would include follow-up appointments, check-ins), etc. This number encompasses both new and active client files since COVID.

Youth aged 15-24 can go online to visit the Youth Employment Centre to book a remote appointment.

15 years for 311

Yesterday, The City reached an important milestone. It was 15 years ago that The City of Calgary launched its 311 Operation Centre on May 18, 2005. Calgary was the first municipality in Canada to do so. Since that time, 311 staff have been on call 24/7 – 365 days a year to initiate requests for City services and answer questions. 311 has answered more than 16 million calls from Calgarians since its inception

Newsroom story: 311 celebrated 15 years of citizen services.

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