City Intervention means Natural Gas Utility Rates Reduced for 2020

(Calgary) – The Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) agreed with submissions made by The City of Calgary that natural gas customers were being overcharged. The results of the intervention by The City of Calgary’s Gas, Power, and Telecommunications Committee means Calgarians will start seeing reductions in their natural gas distribution charges beginning January 2020.

Regardless of which natural gas marketer each customer chooses, residents and businesses, including large commercial and industrial customers, will be paying less in 2020 and beyond.

Although the dollar amounts are subject to commercial confidentiality, some information is available in the public release of the AUC decision. The AUC directed that certain prices in customer rates are to be reduced by 13 per cent in the first year of the announced ten-year $1.2 billion contract in question and reduced by a further 4.61 per cent in each of the remaining nine years of the contract.

Additional regulatory proceedings will take place later this year to review the compliance of the natural gas distributor with the AUC decision.