City crews repair more than 25,000 potholes this year

City crews have worked hard filling more than 25,000 potholes this year in an effort to ease the bumps along your commute.

“Our crews have been working hard through the spring and summer to fill potholes. I’m happy to report that we’ve filled over 25,000 since the start of the year which has made this one of our most productive years ever,” says Chris Hewitt, Manager of Mobility Maintenance.

“Although the repair season is winding down, our crews will continue filling potholes for as long as the weather allows. Getting Calgarians around the city safely is always priority for us.”

Pothole work is prioritized based on several factors including daily traffic volume, safety impacts, and available resources. While many of the pothole locations are identified by our staff, we are grateful to Calgarians for helping us to spot potholes and report them.

When crews respond to a pothole, they start by cleaning the edges of the hole, removing debris and making sure the work surface is dry. Crews then apply a sticky tack coat to the hole, fill it with asphalt and a roller will ensure the driving surface is smooth after the asphalt has cooled.

For more information or to report a pothole, please visit To see a map of the reported locations and status of the repairs visit:  Pothole Repair Status (

We will continue to respond to potholes year-round, weather permitting, and make repairs to preserve and extend the service life of Calgary’s streets.

Note: Deerfoot Trail and Stoney Trail/ Tsuu T’ina Trail (Calgary’s Ring Road) are the responsibility of the provincial government.