City Bylaw charges dog owner following dog attack incident

In response to a recent dog attack that left a pregnant woman injured and her dog deceased, peace officers have taken measures to address the situation. The incident, which occurred on September 17, involved two dogs running loose and resulted in injuries to a pregnant woman and her dog, which ultimately led to the animal’s death.

“We acknowledge the gravity of the situation and are committed to upholding public safety and responsible pet ownership,” said Damian Cole, Deputy Chief, Community Safety.

As a result of an investigation, the owner is facing four charges, with a maximum penalty of $40,000 (to be determined by the courts), under the city's bylaws: Animal Causing Death to Another Animal, Animal Causing Human Injury, and two counts of Animal Running at Large.

Upon thorough review of the evidence, it was determined that only one of the dogs involved was responsible for the injuries to the victim's dog. The Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw provides mechanisms to allow offending dogs to remain with their owner under strict conditions which will keep the public safe. Further action including an application to designate the dog as vicious is now being considered. Once we have more information on this we will provide an update. 

The City of Calgary takes matters of public safety and responsible pet ownership seriously. We remain committed to ensuring that all pet owners know their responsibilities and are held accountable for their pets' actions.

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