Chief reflects on Humboldt tragedy and Ryan’s resilience

It’s been a year since the Humboldt Broncos bus crash united this hockey-mad country in grief.

From coast to coast, Canadians left sticks on their porches, wore jerseys to work and raised funds for the families of those affected.

And like many, the Calgary Fire Department was deeply touched by the tragedy, the first response to it, as well as the amazing resillience of the survivors.

That’s why Fire Chief Steve Dongworth wanted to meet Ryan Straschnitzki, a 19-year-old survivor who was paralyzed from the chest down as a result of the April 6, 2018 accident.

“We all face change and adversity in life, and the resiliency this young man has shown is remarkable,” says the Chief. “I wanted to let Ryan know that we, at The City of Calgary and the Calgary Fire Department, are behind him 100 per cent, as he continues his road to recovery. I also wanted to share his incredible story because I believe his fortitude and character are inspiring.”

The Chief spoke with Ryan at the East Calgary Twin Arena and you can watch their conversation in the video above.